Our experts

Jan Holmberg Senior Big Data Architect

”At Perigeum, I’ve had the opportunity to work in plenty of challenging projects. The work has been demanding but I’ve also received encouragement and trust. Personally, I’m motivated by the content of the work and the technical challenges. Technologies have changed quite a bit during my career, and now that my projects focus on big data, a wide range of expertise comes in handy. The continually evolving technologies require innovative solutions but also patience and respect towards tried-and-true techniques.

Challenging… but rewarding. If I run out of ideas, there will always be someone in the group who is able to help. There have been some tough situations, but we have always found the solution!

At Perigeum, I am among experienced professionals. That’s what I am too – a professional.

Jan Holmberg

Olli Heino Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics Consultant

”I have various different duties, as is typical for a consultant: everything from reflecting on data storage and report architectures to carrying out ETL execution, designing dashboards, and solving business issues through analytics. The best thing about Perigeum is the trust they have for their employees – we have the power and the responsibility to work the best way we see fit without wasting time dealing with pointless bureaucracy. Perhaps that is why we have grown into a lovely, self-reliant, and productive group who are willing to help each other with any problem imaginable.”

Olli Heino

Janne Eränen Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

"There are many rewarding aspects to being a consultant: utilizing your own strengths, learning about new technologies, developing the client’s working habits, being aided by expert colleagues in challenging situations, and most importantly, the client’s sincere joy in the face of success."

Janne Eränen