Our customers

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Sanoma Digital marketing automation

”For a number of years, we have developed an SAS Customer Intelligence solution in cooperation with experts at Perigeum. We utilize the solution every day in marketing and sales through extracts in our campaigns and by continuously enhancing the efficiency of our marketing through new models. Dozens of source systems are connected to the centralized customer information storage, which applies great demands for experts in system development and maintenance. We reach 97% of Finnish households to whom we make direct multiple marketing procedures every day through both digital channels and telemarketing. The system utilizes multiple different models of customer analysis. Based on these models, automatic triggers produce personalized and high quality procedures for our customers throughout the different stages of their lives. We have been able to greatly enhance our operating procedures through Perigeum’s expertise. Through their skill and knowledge, we have also gotten through various problems successfully.”

Aimo Suikkanen, Senior Specialist, Sanoma Media Finland

Cooperation with the Tax Administration

”The Tax Administration is a challenging, customer service based working environment. We collect an enormous amount of data per one tax return to ensure the best customer service possible. Ensuring the validity of this data is of great importance because there are over 5 million of these returns sent to private citizens.

Employees governing and supplying our data systems must be aware of relationships between different pieces of information, and how multiple data systems are connected to each other.

Therefore, we wish for long term partnerships. There are multiple solutions and operators to understand that are connected to the work. Co-operation is required for success. Our long partnership with Perigeum has allowed us to utilize their expertise with great success.”

Anssi Sahlman, IT Services Unit Vice President

Tax Administration