Our company

Perigeum means the spot when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth. We want to work as closely with our clients as possible!

We started our operations all the way in 2002, and we have become a professional IT organization that offers diverse solutions to big data and analytics issues. Our experienced consultants understand BI and B2C customer management and the special characteristics of IoT. Our continuing investment in training and development of expertise has created long term relationships with our clients – a fact which we are very proud of! In 2016 our net revenue was over 2.7 million euros.

When things are made as simple and clear as possible, you get results fast – and without compromising the quality of the end result. Customer insights, long term experience and professionalism, and agility in an ever-changing world guarantee up-to- date solutions for the development of digitalization for your organization.

We strive for flexible and humane conduct. It is of vital importance for us to listen to our clients – as well as our employees.

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