Internet of Things

Develop products and services with IoT     

Perigeum offers products and services that help you understand and utilize your big data more effectively. Taking advantage of the networks of IoT, and the vast quantity of data, allows you to develop your products and services efficiently and to the benefit of your entire organization.

IoT is a valuable source of information

We live in a time where everyone is connected with each other through the internet. Almost everything from your workplace to your home is connected to the internet. All your devices are connected through it. We call these massive information networks, and the way they are utilized in business transactions, Internet of Things (IoT).

The produced data is extremely useful but managing, organizing, and analyzing it can be a handful. This is why we can do it for you!

Utilizing censor data and developing business models

Data collected by censors allows the gathering of valuable information that you need to develop your products and services. Data collection allows you to serve your customers and make important maintenance solutions in advance. You will receive vital information about how your product is used – and how it could be improved in the future.

We will help your company manage and analyze this data with the modern Cloudera-Hadoop distribution. The diverse IoT-information can be attained, stored, and processed with the most efficient way possible. This way Perigeum enables new Hadoop-based data-driven business models for its clients.

Internet of things

Scalability and flexibility in data management

IoT should be designed to support the simplest integrations possible. This is the road to rapid growth, ease, and cost-effectiveness. A scalable and flexible platform enables management of the newest data in a way that provides the largest profits for our clients. Understanding the data management mechanisms really pays off!

We make sure that you get the most out of IoT networks. It’s all easy and cost-effective, and it’s constantly evolving to react to changes in the digital environment in real time.

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