Customer insights

Knowing your customer gives you a big advantage

The road to customer satisfaction begins by knowing the customer. We collect, manage, and analyze data to achieve total customer insight – and it’s all for your company’s benefit!

Customer insights in real time is the modern way

Cloudera-platform offers modern big data solutions in real time. Agility is required in the modern age, and it is possible to paint an extensive and accurate picture of a customer who uses various different channels. Real time customer insights are the foundation of your decision making process, and with them you will boost your digital marketing and improve your customer satisfaction. With our help, all kinds of different data will be stored in the same place, so that it can be cost-effectively and easily utilized.

Customer 360°

A happy customer is a loyal customer. We utilize big data to create a 360° profile of each of your customers. You can keep your customers satisfied, and increase your customer base, in a personalized and relevant way. We use the Hadoop-system by Cloudera, which offers the best tools for the collection of the most valuable data from different sources. We guarantee that the information is accurate and relevant, so your company can focus on making the important decisions.

Perigeum understands its customers

Profound customer insights help you compete

Your company’s profit is directly dependent on quality customer insights. It is a way to stand out from other companies in the same field. Knowing your customers ensures that you are aware of how your product should be marketed to the right people with all of their unique requirements. When your customer insight increases you will be able to choose the correct marketing channels and reach maximum potential with your investments, whether you encounter you customers online, through mobile or through customer service. Through segmentation and modeling of diverse customer information from multiple different sources, the whole process of service composition can be automated, focused, and personalized in every service channel.

Satisfaction guarantees cost-effectiveness

A loyal customer base is the backbone of every company that stays solid in spite of the economy. Replacing old customers can be expensive, so one way of keeping your company cost-effective is to prevent customer attrition. We will help you develop your customer insight in a way that decreases customer attrition while increasing your customer base, and keeps your business cost-effective with the latest quality analytics tools.

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