Business Intelligence (BI)

From intelligence to understanding

Business Intelligence (BI) is the control of business information which is achieved through collection and analysis of information that is essential to your operation. We help our clients locate and combine essential data used for decision making. Our professional touch and expertise helps you find the right methods, and design and BI tools, for running your organization.

Proper customer information analysis – It’s like money in the bank!

Management of business information is made up of multiple different fields that have to be brought together in order to maximize their benefit. With quality Business Intelligence solutions, you can find the right tools for managing and utilizing huge quantities of information. We will help your business in various ways with the design and delivery of B2C-customer support and requirement specification of big data solutions.

Connecting your stored information with the right BI applications creates quality analytics that will help you stay ahead of the game. Easy-to- understand visualization of information enables you to find solutions where you could not find them before. Real time analytics guarantee quality Business Intelligence solutions.

Real time customer insights

We at Perigeum understand that there is very little to gain from rigid marketing. The future of the control of customer information is somewhere else. SAS Customer Intelligence guarantees you will get your money’s worth from your marketing investments. Flexible, real time analysis tools give companies a great advantage through automatization of campaign management and multichannel digital marketing.

The profiling, segmentation, and focusing of customer information are prerequisites of effective business. Everything from a customer’s social media behavior to buying power and location can be determined through the proper data-analytics. Knowing your customers helps you figure out where they are coming from – and where they are going next!

Business Intelligence

Simple design – simple savings

Things remain simple when you stay away from pointless complications in your design. Choose the native Hadoop tool for a simpler Business Intelligence solution. Our collaboration with Arcadia Data makes cost-effective Business Intelligence solutions possible.

Many organizations suffer from big data and BI tools that work on multiple different platforms. We make things easier! Together we can find you and your company the perfect solutions that work in a single platform to enable information collection, data-analytics, and reporting.

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