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Automatically created data doesn’t become useful automatically. Vast and ever increasing stockpiles of data require ever evolving ways to collect, manage, and analyze them. We consult and help our clients to utilize big data in every way possible.

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Big data piles up endlessly from different sources. Time and place information, social media content, and other automatically collected data are an endless swamp that can only be sorted out with modern techniques. Big data only becomes usable when it is handled correctly. Saving in costs and time, product development, better decision making, recognizing threats, and increasing customer satisfaction are all possible when the data is analyzed with the best methods. 

Perigeum offers first-class big data technologies that are integrated into our clients’ business models. Big data solutions based on the Cloudera-platform offer your organization easier than before Hadoop-integration. This way the modern data-based business models work efficiently maximizing their benefit.

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Benefit from the latest technology

Our expertise in the fields of data storage and data-analytics enables effective BI solutions. We make sure that big data is connected to the proper technologies already in the implementation phase of the design. 

Even previously useless data sources can be harnessed and become valuable when big data, analytics, and EDW and BI technologies team up! Functionality of your entire business design saves you money and time. Well organized information helps you make better business decisions and innovate new products and services.

Perigeum - Big Data

Understand what you are doing

Combining big data with the analytics provided by Arcadia Data provides you with inspiration for new and exciting ideas. It is also easier to recognize, serve, and maintain your customer base when you have picked out the most relevant information from your data. 

We make sure that your organization will stay on the cutting edge of development. Knowing your customers is an asset you don’t want to compromise.

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