Refine your data to information

Analytics are required in the digital world to understand big data. Without easy-to- understand visual analytics it would be impossible to take in all the important information. Top of the line analytics tools are the foundation of a successful business.

Analyze well and you’re half-way done!

Data contains endless amounts of hidden possibilities that can be revealed through data analysis. With professional help your organization can discover the best ways to trace, characterize, and utilize the hidden potential of big data.

Customer insights, development of products and services, and up-to- date strategies – with analytics the essential information for your business is revealed, which is vital for successful decision making.

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Let’s find the best analytics tools together!

Perigeum enables the production of analytics under cover of the big data, EDW, and ETL architecture of your choice. We combine the mass of information with its processing in a way so that things remain as simple as possible.

Our experience with Cloudera Spark machine learning, Cloudera Scientic Workbench, Arcadia Data, SAS, and Rstudio guarantees the best information visualization and analytical methods for each of our varied clients.

Perigeum and analytics

Tracing information, BI, and real time visualization on the same platform

Real time data visualization keeps you up-to- date. We provide our clients with a functional Arcadia Data analytics solution that enables the discovery of essential data, the utilization of BI, and real time visualization – all on the same Hadoop based platform! 

Using the same platform for analytics and reporting keeps the design simple, and no time is wasted on transferring data. Real time and low cost – becoming truly possible!

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