Tom Reilly and Simo Kauppinen met in London

The CEOs of Cloudera and Perigeum Tom Reilly and Simo Kauppinen exchanged ideas at a big data conference in London on June 2nd 2016. Their discussion was mainly about Cloudera’s strategic emphasis and the differences between US and European markets.

According to Reilly, Cloudera’s strategy is to implement their technology for the use of major companies from the very outset, a strategy which has worked tremendously as seven of the largest banks in the world utilize Cloudera technology. Reilly especially mentioned Western Union and the Royal Bank of Scotland who utilize Cloudera in deepening their customer information with online and mobile services to offer better real time services in multiple different service channels. Majority of the banks, however, have begun to look for ways to reduce their costs from data storage. Other factors in banks’ investments into Cloudera are risk management, detection and prevention of fraud, and prevention of money laundering.

Kauppinen talked about project concerning the Finnish market. The most important ones have been about the new possibilities through digitalization, such as the Asiakkuus 360° (Customer 360°) persepective. In Finland, increasing customer insights and connecting online and mobile services with customer information, and using this information in digital marketing, have become the central projects.

Reilly was convinced by Perigeum’s client’s mobile services, which he though showed much greater promise and progress compared to their US counterparts. He referenced the British store chain Mark & Spencer as having very encouraging user and business experiences with Cloudera technologies.

According to Reilly, Cloudera’s for main applications are restructuring the DW and BI architectures, increasing customer insights, developing new products and services, and minimizing business related risks. These areas are also among the most important for Perigeum in various fields of operation, such as media, banks, business, and the manufacturing industry.

Many of the largest 1000 organizations in the world have already chosen Cloudera – the big data leader – to supply their technology. Perigeum is a valued partner and retailer to Cloudera in the Finnish market – “a fact which makes us very proud”, added Simo Kauppinen. Three new experts are expected to start working at Perigeum in August to answer the growing demand of Cloudera’s big data projects.